I Needed a New Ice Maker

I have always loved to eat ice. I know that there are dentists out there that say this is bad for a person’s teeth, but I only eat ice that is soft. When I moved into my new apartment, the refrigerator did not have an ice maker. I don’t like to eat the cubes that are made in plastic trays, so I knew that I was going to have to buy an ice maker on my own. I looked at a website that had reviews and details on the 10 best ice makers on the market now, and it did not take me long to find the one that I wanted to buy.

It does not take a lot of space on the counter, and it is not ugly either. I saw some that were not nice looking at all, and I automatically disqualified those ones just on that basis. This one is silver, but it can come in different colors. I like the silver though because it matches my stove and fridge. It also makes three different sizes of ice. The setting to go between the three sizes is very easy to change.

I also like that it makes 27 pounds of ice every day. There is no way I could eat that much ice, but I do use ice for other things too. When we go to the beach, I would always stop at the store and buy a couple of bags of ice for the coolers. Now, I don’t have to do that. I am able to bag the ice a couple of days ahead of time and store it in my freezer, and that actually saves me a lot of money. I like that it looks good, it makes good ice, and it makes ice fast. To me, that is all that matters!

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Get Email Address of Your Choice


Internet has revolutionized everything in the world. Now instead of our physical address, we also have E-address. If you are new to the world of Internet, the first thing you should do is have an e-mail address. Email address is like your home address where people can send you messages. Everyone who creates an e-mail address is unique like our home address. Through e-mail you can send and receive data like, photographs, letters, official applications, resumes, videos, documents, etc. You know that your e-mail say lot of things about you. Basically it says who you are and where you’re from, but it also conveys a lot more than many people realize. Some time people want to get email address of their own choice but they don’t get the same because of lot of users. Some people use electronic mail for personal branding ,self promotions and self marketing. To make new email is one of the easiest things you can do nowadays. In minutes, you create an e-mail and you can start receiving and sending emails from anywhere in the world. One great thing about an emails is that you can have it say and mean almost anything you want. If you are running your own business then you always try to choose e-mail address of your brand name. Your email could be turning away new business. I advise you that all companies should adopt ‘professional sounding’ email. Your email says a lot about your business. It is very easy to arrange a free or cheap emails these days. Yahoo, AOL and Hot Mail… to name just a few of the service providers who will set up your free or cheap email in minutes. However many such emails do not give a professional impression of your business nor are they always easy for your customers and potential customers to remember. Your professional email builds your reputation. When an email comes in the from of generic free email
provider it is unclear if your business is genuine . If you have professional email it always advertise you and your business website. So I can say that the professional email is the right way to give the new direction to your business. Advertise your product via email an get growth in business with very short time span. There are various top email services which provide an email address with your own choice you can create an professional email with your name and with your domain name for example your having a company name and you want to create anemaillikeabc@ then you can easily get email address. Professional emails are always advertise you and your business profile. To conclude I must say that your professional email address provide a valuable growth to your business make your unique identification.}

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Mobile Web Accessibility – Why Its Popularity Is Soaring


Mobile Web Accessibility is often used to describe accessing the Internet through cel phones and other mobile devices such as cell phones and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants). In fact, web enabled cellular devices are increasingly becoming more and more common. More and more cell phones now come with some form of Internet and/or data access feature on them.

And the demand for these is increasing because of the sheer fact that they are becoming increasingly popular these days. Mobile web accessibility has several advantages that it can boast of these days. The most popular one certainly is the fact that you get to carry your Internet access with you wherever and whenever you go. Hence, you are better connected and more in control of your situation in all the activities that you do because you know wherever you go you always have the Net connection with you. This will help you in many of your daily activities like downloading driving directions, locating nearby restaurants, using online yellow pages, and many other similar activities.

Mobile web accessibility helps you in other tasks, as well, for example, in remote search and rescue missions, the concerned rescue teams can use the Internet to download vital information like medical details, position of the enemy and so on. Authorities can also communicate with each other if they have Net connection 24/7. Improved mobile web access could improve communication abilities for anyone who is on the move, for example, salesmen, law enforcement officers, truckers, pizza delivery drivers, and so on.

Mobile web accessibility has a very promising and a bright future ahead. However, it needs some work and development if it is going to reach it’s full potential. A lot of research should be done in order to improve its situation and make it completely useful for users. However, mobile web accessibility is currently facing several usability issues, and that is mainly because of the lack of interoperability between computers and cellular devices.

One example in this respect is the small screen size of cellular devices. The size of the screen remains small, which means it is not possible to view many web pages from that screen. For this reason, there are some websites which are being developed, which are ideal for mobile web accessibility. These sites are specifically designed to serve this purpose. Ideally, though, a standard could be developed to allow mobile device users to view any website.

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Five Mistakes Make Visitor Annoying And Leave Your Website


There are tons of information in Internet. Why visitors would like to go to other website and not stay on your website? There are many reasons in behind. This article will show you five common mistakes that make visitor leave your website and go to others.

1. Not state clear what product/service provided in your website.

If your website is an online shop, state clear what types of product you sell. If your shop sell different types of product, make a clear and easy-navigation menu for your visitor.

Visitors are busy and always have other choices to go. If they don?t know what is it about, they will leave immediately and will not come back. So, state clear the products you sell in the home page or landing page.

2. Products overload
Put too much products on the web page. Visitors are busy and they don?t filter your information one by one, step by step. Visitors always look for instant information that match their query.

Don?t put everything on one single page. You should separate out the most important product from others. Only put the most important products on your homepage and provides some links to other related products.

3. Complicated ordering process
If you add one more step into the ordering process, visitors have one more chance to quit the ordering process. Visitors won?t spend time to fill in information and make many click to buy something.

You should keep the ordering process as simple as possible.
This is a good reference.
– Check out page,
– Select Payment Method,
– Fillin Shipping info,
– Confirm page

4. Not update
Only latest and update information is valuable. If visitors find your information is out-dated and they will leave. Ensure the information is update and no broken links. You should also check the date of your copyright statement. Is it still 2008 or 2009? Have you post the latest news of your company?

5. No contact information
In some case, visitors likes to have direct communication with a human being. If they cannot find a way to talk with you, they may feel worry. Provides email address and phone number can build customer?s confidence. If they have any question, they can find you via email or phone.

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10 Tips To Successfully Market Your Website


History often repeats itself. Do something well and keep doing it, chances are you will be successful. Wrong! In today’s web environment, it is not enough to have a web presence, offer a great product or service and expect everyone to embrace it. Your competition is global and you need to keep ahead of the curve by employing the most current and effective web strategies and techniques available. Yes, it can get overwhelming trying to decide how to market your website and which strategies will produce the desired results. Here is a brief checklist of marketing tips designed to cut through the clutter and fast track your web marketing efforts.

1. Is Your Website Viewable? All websites are not created equal. Some of the most common flaws in website development are as follows: they are confusing to the viewer; the offer(s) and guarantee(s) get lost; they don’t differentiate themselves from the competition; they are overloaded with graphics, including flash.

2. Work with a Direct Response Web Marketer. Most websites could be improved and made more effective. Implementing direct response techniques to guide the viewer to take action by purposefully directing them through your website with the use of audio, email capture, and with engaging copy and crisp concise headlines.

3. Maintain a Branded Blog. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. They should be branded for continuity of image and should be updated at least twice a week with useful and related content and links.

4. Use the Social Web Network. The more eyeballs, the more traffic to your site. There are may directories that are part of the growing social online network you should be in including: Google, Yahoo, Technorati, , Digg.

5. List Your Site in an Online Directory! Contrary to popular opinion, directories are an excellent way to promote your online business and your offerings.

6. Submit Press Releases to Online PR Engines. There are many online news sites that are niched for your particular market. Submit your press releases to pr engines such as PRWeb, BusinessWire, SmartBriefs – to name a few.

7. Write Articles and Post on Website. Content is king on a website, if placed in strategic areas that do not overwhelm the viewer. Make a point of writing or using articles with relevant keywords. Articles can be as few as 4 paragraphs or 1000 words or less. But use original content, as search engines frown on duplicate copy taken from other sites.

8. Use Teleseminars to Promote Your Products and Services. Offering a free teleseminar is an excellent way to expose viewers to your products and services. They position you as an expert in your field, entice the viewer to attend a complimentary, no-obligation teleseminar for 1-hour and can begin an ongoing relationship with the attendees. It is also a chance to upsell through special promotions just for attending.

9. Ongoing Online Communications with Viewers. Give your viewers a chance to sign-up for a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter full of useful content, tips of the week, and an opportunity to participate in a monthly conference call about a topic of interest.

10. Tell-A-Friend Viral Marketing. Perhaps the best way to get qualified viewers and increase your online universe and reach is to have a tell-a-friend component to your website and web marketing niche pages. Viewers love to share information with their friends and colleagues. These are 100% deliverable and viewers will surely open them because they come from a pre-approved recognizable email.

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You Can Make Money From Mlm Business Opportunity Even In The Speed Of Light


It is true that you can make money very fast, at the batting of an eyelid perhaps at even the speed of lightning when you are dealing with MLM. MLM is nothing but network marketing business where you have a multi-level structure system that gives you an upturned multi-level benefit. Initially you will have to put in some work, like selling goods to prospective buyers and also looking for people whom you can employ as distributors. When such a process continues for some time you can actually sit back and relax because their sale procedures are also going to bring you much income.

However, if you want to have a really good business then you will have to advertise effectively. An essential part of all successful businesses run online is advertisement. Advertisements provide the necessary exposure to your product and the site you are selling it from. As such, when you have implemented advertisements in a very effective manner you will find that there will be huge leads to your site leading to a large traffic which will help you to broaden your business and make greater profits. You have to use all the forms of advertisement mentioned below.

The best is the pay per click form which can get you traffic within minutes of creation of your advertisement. There is also the article marketing one which is very effective but not so fast in getting you lead. You write articles for the various article directories, articles that have informative content and are easily understandable, so that over the years you have a good reputation and hence get quality traffic directed towards your site. There are also the forum posting type and the social networking sites where you can position your advertisements so that you get a steady flow of traffic at al times.

As soon as traffic starts coming in, you will find many people interested in buying your products. There will be others who would want to work with you and earn for themselves. As such, you get people who will work for you and buy from you and you as a result get to earn money. Since this is a multi-level structure system and even today legislations force the system to work like that, so the more you recruit the more you earn because you get a commission every time recruitment is done by you or anyone who you had employed.

Since you have to do nothing more than let your chain grow and get some earnings without doing anything therefore this business is one of the few ways in which you can earn very fast bucks. Also, you get paid instantly and therefore scope for earning more and more increases.

This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in it?s entirely in any e-zine, newsletter, blog, or website as long as the resource box remains intact.

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List Building: Gain Massive Opt-ins Through Headline Testing


Coming up with five headlines is the first thing you need to do before you think about anything else. Headlines are really the most important part of any squeeze page, which is key to list building.

If you want to be lazy about it, you could have a headline and an opt-in box and if your headline was good enough, you would get subscribers for your list, without any bullet points or anything else. You could have a headline and your first name and email, and you could get people to join your list. But, you would need a GREAT headline that is benefit-driven.

But that’s not the right way to go about building a squeeze page, if you want a responsive list.

To get the right list-building page, you should always be testing, so start with your headlines. Split test them, using two headlines at the same time. The headline that pulls the most opt-ins for your list wins. Then, try another, and see if it builds your list faster than the winner, and so on. The trick is to keep testing until you have the best possible headline.

I would start with an AB split test. Do two different pages and have the only difference on those pages be the headlines. Maybe start with 500 visitors and see which headline pulls better.

But remember, some people have these gigantic monitors and unless you give your page parameters, your headline will go across almost their entire screens.

Size your headline to about 650 to 750 pixels in width. You can do that by creating a one column-by-one row table and putting all of your page information into it. That will assure that your headline stays where you want it to be, regardless of your visitor’s monitor size.

And once people opt-in to your list, your thank-you page should also be a sales page, just like everything else. That means you need a good headline there, too, and you have to be delivering benefits the whole way through. ?Thank you and welcome aboard? isn?t going to cut it.

But, here?s the problem, and this is a major issue on the Internet with entrepreneurial businesses, especially the people who are just trying to make things crank?-there are so many opportunities that you get lost in trying a whole bunch of different opportunities at once. But the first thing you need to do is build your list!

Jumping from program to program is not going to lead you to success. What?s going to lead you to success is first building a great list, and then, deciding on an opportunity and saying, ?I?m going to make this work no matter what,? and you just go. You get advice from list-building experts, tweak your squeeze pages, and improve over time, but you make it work and you learn everything about list building that you possibly can, first!

Test to find the right headline and choose one page format for your list-building page until you can say, ?Yes! It’s converting at 35%! I spend $10 and I make $20 every single time I send them a message!?

Once you have a great list and you want to start messing around with other things, go for it, but you need to get the first thing nailed and then start tweaking something else. The key is not to get caught in the headlights. No paralysis. Just do it!

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Perfect Wealth Formula Review – The Profitable Comp Plan


Perfect Wealth Formula is a business opportunity for those who are striving for financial independence through a home based business. The program itself can be applied to many business opportunities and offers a nice compensation package.

The compensation plan offered makes Perfect Wealth Formula stand out from other business opportunities. It allows new members, regardless of their skill level, to successfully utilize the power of the internet and generates sales on a daily basis.

Many top producers from other business opportunities like EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Coastal Vacations, and MLM programs are joining Perfect Wealth Formula. The program is on its way to becoming the #1 top income opportunity on the internet today.

Perfect Wealth Formula pays you immediately starting from your first sale. In the 1 up and 2 up programs, you have to pass up sales to your sponsor before you are able to make commissions. If you bring in someone who makes a sale or two per day, you only get their first 2 sales, and then you no longer get paid on their efforts. They then break away from their sponsor and end up becoming the sponsor’s competition.

Most of the time, representatives of 1 up and 2 up programs never make the kind of money that they were promised before signing up. Keep in mind that 1 up and 2 up programs only have a few people who really make it and the rest of the reps are struggling to make their money back. After looking at many programs, I think that Perfect Wealth Formula is a better program than traditional 1 up and 2 up programs because as I said before, Perfect Wealth Formula pays you on your first sale. You never have to pass up sales to your sponsor. When you sell at the Bronze Level for $697, you immediately get a $400 commission. On every $1,697 sale for the Silver Level you immediately get a $1,000 commission. You also immediately receive bonus overrides of $100 for every Bronze sale your team members make and you also get $200 bonus overrides for every Silver sale your team members make.

Perfect Wealth Formula members benefit from the program’s no pass up compensation plan because it is easy to market and the Return On investment is very high. It is also beneficial to join at the Silver Level because the Bronze Level system will be included. This program allows you to build your advertising budget and eliminate your competition. I also believe that this 2-tier infinity compensation plan is unique in the online marketing industry and will continue to expand and grow with new online money-making opportunities in the future.

In closing, I believe that Perfect Wealth Formula is a better program than 1 up and 2 up programs because they are seriously going out of style and people are tired of passing up sales.

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Four Tips For The Successful Home Business Owner


Owning a home business can be a lucrative, pleasant, and flourishing “work-at-home”? endeavor. But one needs to acquire the appropriate traits to achieve success.

Home businesses today are fast becoming a trend in the modern world. With gas prices and just general inflation, setting up a home business is the obvious solution.

What does it takes to own a home business? What are the traits of successful home business owners? With so many home businesses to choose from and that are easily set up. But, you must choose a home business that your are interested in and that meets your qualifications in order for you to be successful.

There are many attributes that home business owners may possess that enabled them to succeed in this kind of undertaking. However, not all of those traits are important in motivating yourself to succeed.

Here is a list of some of the most important traits of successful home business owners:

1. Goal-oriented

Every home business owners should be goal-oriented. This means that each entrepreneur must be familiar with his or her goals. A goal-oriented home business owner knows where to focus his decisions and actions. In order to win the game, you will need motivation to keep working out those problems and new stratigies.

However, being goal-oriented does not necessarily mean achieving their goals. It also means exceeding their goals by boosting it. They raise the stakes higher and try to attain it on the next round.

2. Business lover

Every successful home business owners must be devoted to the business they choose. This passion will keep them interested on whatever he is doing. It will be their driving force. If they do not love or even like what they are doing, chances are, they will not succeed.

Home businesses can be pretty boring since you would not be able to meet other people while you work. It is only love for your work that will keep you involved.

3. Stay Focused on what you’re doing.

Running your business from home can be very distracting. It is easy to be distracted by the telephone, the pets and the children. With all this is mind it is vital to stay focused. Close the door to your home office and put up a do not disturb sign. Let everyone know that you are working and you are not be distracted.

4. Weighs Achievements more than profits

To be a successful home business owner, it is important that you value your accomplishment more than what you earn.

We all know that money is reason why you have set up your business in the first place. However, if you focus more on money, you will tend to be more subjective than objective. In turn, you will miss your goals.

There may be many traits that successful home business owners may possess. Without these four important tips, success will take more time or you may be unsuccessful in your home business.

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Marketers – What Are Your Customers Saying About Your Brand?


One reason companies frequently give for not taking advantage of Social Media Marketing is that they fear people saying bad things about their company or brand.

Here’s the thing. People are already saying bad things about your brand and may have been doing so for quite some time. You just can’t hear them. Many of these people are your customers… and while they complain about you they are also telling your potential customers. Social Media simply makes those conversations visible – it doesn’t create them. This is a perfect reason for marketers to get involved.

While companies may be slow to use the power of Social Media, their customers are not. Customers have discovered the power of the Internet, Google, blogs, community forums – even online newspapers – and are using them to share their feelings about their experience with your brand. That should cause marketers least a few sleepless nights.

Here’s just one recent example. When a major Canadian telephone company recently announced a new branding and advertising campaign the online newspaper article in Canada’s Globe and Mail generated enormous interest – and over 200 reader comments in a just a few hours. Customers wanted to tell not just the company but other consumers about their negative experiences with the company. Others chimed in with similar stories about their experience with other companies. Their biggest issue?

Poor customer service. And here’s what else marketers should be worried about:

Many customers were very unhappy with their overall experience of several companies.
Most wanted improvements to customer service first – and were unimpressed with news of branding campaigns, marketing messages and PR (which, incidentally included references to great customer service)
Several former customers said they had already taken their business elsewhere. Others were planning to the first chance they got
All had realized the power of Social Media and the viral nature of the Internet as a powerful tool for making their voices heard
Most customers simply wanted someone at the company to listen and put right what they thought was wrong so they could have a better experience
It used to be that one unhappy customer would tell nine other customers. And that was bad news. With the Internet, Social Media, and viral user generated content one unhappy customer can tell several thousands, if not millions of people. They don’t even have to own a blog.

The 19 “New” Rules of social Media Copywriting builds on the fact that successful Social Media Marketing begins with:

engaging with your customers
putting them and their needs first
starting conversations with them and
developing genuine relationships and eventually brand advocates
However, this never takes place in isolation of your customers’ existing experience.

Providing excellent customer service can be the difference between having a long-term relationship with a customer and not having that customer at all. Building a relationship with a customer who has had a bad experience with your brand is difficult and the potential for creating a brand advocate becomes negligible.

So what do you do when people are saying “bad things” about your brand? Can Social Media help you turn the situation around? How do you get started?

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