10 Tips To Successfully Market Your Website


History often repeats itself. Do something well and keep doing it, chances are you will be successful. Wrong! In today’s web environment, it is not enough to have a web presence, offer a great product or service and expect everyone to embrace it. Your competition is global and you need to keep ahead of the curve by employing the most current and effective web strategies and techniques available. Yes, it can get overwhelming trying to decide how to market your website and which strategies will produce the desired results. Here is a brief checklist of marketing tips designed to cut through the clutter and fast track your web marketing efforts.

1. Is Your Website Viewable? All websites are not created equal. Some of the most common flaws in website development are as follows: they are confusing to the viewer; the offer(s) and guarantee(s) get lost; they don’t differentiate themselves from the competition; they are overloaded with graphics, including flash.

2. Work with a Direct Response Web Marketer. Most websites could be improved and made more effective. Implementing direct response techniques to guide the viewer to take action by purposefully directing them through your website with the use of audio, email capture, and with engaging copy and crisp concise headlines.

3. Maintain a Branded Blog. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. They should be branded for continuity of image and should be updated at least twice a week with useful and related content and links.

4. Use the Social Web Network. The more eyeballs, the more traffic to your site. There are may directories that are part of the growing social online network you should be in including: Google, Yahoo, Technorati, , Digg.

5. List Your Site in an Online Directory! Contrary to popular opinion, directories are an excellent way to promote your online business and your offerings.

6. Submit Press Releases to Online PR Engines. There are many online news sites that are niched for your particular market. Submit your press releases to pr engines such as PRWeb, BusinessWire, SmartBriefs – to name a few.

7. Write Articles and Post on Website. Content is king on a website, if placed in strategic areas that do not overwhelm the viewer. Make a point of writing or using articles with relevant keywords. Articles can be as few as 4 paragraphs or 1000 words or less. But use original content, as search engines frown on duplicate copy taken from other sites.

8. Use Teleseminars to Promote Your Products and Services. Offering a free teleseminar is an excellent way to expose viewers to your products and services. They position you as an expert in your field, entice the viewer to attend a complimentary, no-obligation teleseminar for 1-hour and can begin an ongoing relationship with the attendees. It is also a chance to upsell through special promotions just for attending.

9. Ongoing Online Communications with Viewers. Give your viewers a chance to sign-up for a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter full of useful content, tips of the week, and an opportunity to participate in a monthly conference call about a topic of interest.

10. Tell-A-Friend Viral Marketing. Perhaps the best way to get qualified viewers and increase your online universe and reach is to have a tell-a-friend component to your website and web marketing niche pages. Viewers love to share information with their friends and colleagues. These are 100% deliverable and viewers will surely open them because they come from a pre-approved recognizable email.

You Can Make Money From Mlm Business Opportunity Even In The Speed Of Light


It is true that you can make money very fast, at the batting of an eyelid perhaps at even the speed of lightning when you are dealing with MLM. MLM is nothing but network marketing business where you have a multi-level structure system that gives you an upturned multi-level benefit. Initially you will have to put in some work, like selling goods to prospective buyers and also looking for people whom you can employ as distributors. When such a process continues for some time you can actually sit back and relax because their sale procedures are also going to bring you much income.

However, if you want to have a really good business then you will have to advertise effectively. An essential part of all successful businesses run online is advertisement. Advertisements provide the necessary exposure to your product and the site you are selling it from. As such, when you have implemented advertisements in a very effective manner you will find that there will be huge leads to your site leading to a large traffic which will help you to broaden your business and make greater profits. You have to use all the forms of advertisement mentioned below.

The best is the pay per click form which can get you traffic within minutes of creation of your advertisement. There is also the article marketing one which is very effective but not so fast in getting you lead. You write articles for the various article directories, articles that have informative content and are easily understandable, so that over the years you have a good reputation and hence get quality traffic directed towards your site. There are also the forum posting type and the social networking sites where you can position your advertisements so that you get a steady flow of traffic at al times.

As soon as traffic starts coming in, you will find many people interested in buying your products. There will be others who would want to work with you and earn for themselves. As such, you get people who will work for you and buy from you and you as a result get to earn money. Since this is a multi-level structure system and even today legislations force the system to work like that, so the more you recruit the more you earn because you get a commission every time recruitment is done by you or anyone who you had employed.

Since you have to do nothing more than let your chain grow and get some earnings without doing anything therefore this business is one of the few ways in which you can earn very fast bucks. Also, you get paid instantly and therefore scope for earning more and more increases.

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