I Am Home from College

It was a lot harder and a year longer than I hoped, after all I started out with a lot of college credit from taking AP classes in high school. At any rate now I am home and it has gone extremely well so far. My uncle told me to come with him one day and he introduced me to this guy who told me that he was a bitcoin trader app. My uncle spread it on really thick, even though he had no clue what he was talking about and everyone else involved knew that he was clueless. This guy seemed to really know a lot about computers though and when I talked to him he figured out that I knew a little about that too. He gave me a job and I figured out pretty quickly that bitcoin was just a small part of what he was doing, although in the big picture you have to wonder if what he does should be done at all. This stuff is how the big dogs make their money now, the ones on Wall Street. They use computers to make trades based on things that normal people do not understand. The big part of it is to write the algorithm which decides when you buy and when you sell, but I have nothing to do with that. There are tons of other things involved and he figured out that I had skills which could be applied to one of the less important aspects of this. I have been really working hard, but so far I have not found a place that I can afford to move out of my Mom’s basement. Of course that is not terrible. She loves having me home and feeds me every chance that I give her. I am putting my money aside for now.

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