The Amazing Secret To Keep Readers Reading Without Mercy


Do you know at least 98% of the people who read your sales letter would simply skip it?

What if there’s a way, so you could seduce your prospects and literally FORCE them to read your sales pitch�all without trying much at all? Sounds too good to be true? Well, you’ll discover why this is possible in a while, but first�

Have you ever heard about the “BUCKET BRIGADE”?

Here is Wikipedia’s description if you haven’t heard about it:

“A bucket brigade is a method for transporting items where items are passed from one stationary person to the next. More specifically, it refers to a method of firefighting before the advent of hand pumped fire engines, whereby firefighters would pass buckets to each other to extinguish a blaze. This method generally maximizes THROUGHput.”

If you noticed, it says maximizes THROUGHput at the end. And why is the reason?

You see in Copywriting terms: This actually involves putting several sentences of lead in copy… or sub-heads… or several visible questions that suckers your readers’ eyes back into the sales letter as they are scanning/scrolling own the page… so he is SO CURIOUS about what’s coming next�he can’t help but to FINISH READING through (paragraph after paragraph) to satisfy his curiosity instantly!

Imagine this: what would you achieve if you can make someone find it hard to sleep, simply because they haven’t finish READING your entire sales letter? And, if you can make them finish reading everything you say in your copy to convince them for the sale… what would happen to your conversions and PROFITS?

Well this is the power of the bucket brigade.

But, what are some examples of the bucket brigade? To satisfy your want for more… here are lists of them you can use in your copy starting today: – Here’s why

– Meanwhile

– Sounds impossible

– And it gets better

– The fact is

– What’s more

– You see

– Think about it

– As if that’s not enough

– As it turns out

– And much, much MORE… You get the IDEA. Something that pulls readers in with a few short, but INTRIGUING words used to bring readers back into the sales letter every few paragraphs. Having used the bucket brigade to turn a boring, same ol’ sales copy as every one else into a ‘cash-dispensing machine’… I’ve never since write copy without using this “secret” strategy ever again. Now that you know how to keep your readers READING without mercy, please keep this “secret” to yourself and have your prospects wondering… how, did you ever kept them staying until the end of the sales letter?

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