Mobile Web Accessibility – Why Its Popularity Is Soaring


Mobile Web Accessibility is often used to describe accessing the Internet through cel phones and other mobile devices such as cell phones and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants). In fact, web enabled cellular devices are increasingly becoming more and more common. More and more cell phones now come with some form of Internet and/or data access feature on them.

And the demand for these is increasing because of the sheer fact that they are becoming increasingly popular these days. Mobile web accessibility has several advantages that it can boast of these days. The most popular one certainly is the fact that you get to carry your Internet access with you wherever and whenever you go. Hence, you are better connected and more in control of your situation in all the activities that you do because you know wherever you go you always have the Net connection with you. This will help you in many of your daily activities like downloading driving directions, locating nearby restaurants, using online yellow pages, and many other similar activities.

Mobile web accessibility helps you in other tasks, as well, for example, in remote search and rescue missions, the concerned rescue teams can use the Internet to download vital information like medical details, position of the enemy and so on. Authorities can also communicate with each other if they have Net connection 24/7. Improved mobile web access could improve communication abilities for anyone who is on the move, for example, salesmen, law enforcement officers, truckers, pizza delivery drivers, and so on.

Mobile web accessibility has a very promising and a bright future ahead. However, it needs some work and development if it is going to reach it’s full potential. A lot of research should be done in order to improve its situation and make it completely useful for users. However, mobile web accessibility is currently facing several usability issues, and that is mainly because of the lack of interoperability between computers and cellular devices.

One example in this respect is the small screen size of cellular devices. The size of the screen remains small, which means it is not possible to view many web pages from that screen. For this reason, there are some websites which are being developed, which are ideal for mobile web accessibility. These sites are specifically designed to serve this purpose. Ideally, though, a standard could be developed to allow mobile device users to view any website.

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